What are 

Community Support Services?

At Community Support Services (CSS) we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.


​Home care and community support services allow people to safely meet their unique needs, be more independent and resilient and live the way they want to live, for longer.


These cost-effective services reduce the need for more expensive hospital care, emergency room visits, or long-term care. They benefit individual clients, their caregivers and the health care system as a whole.


Community Support Services focus on promoting independent living through:

  • transportation

  • meals and nutrition

  • education and supports

  • safety and reassurance

  • health and wellness

  • support in the home

  • intensive support programs

  • adult day services

Investing in home-based care can save money, improve care and improve quality of life for people who would otherwise be hospitalized or institutionalized.

Community Support Services are valued by the community

Financial Analysis

in the Southwest LHIN

In addition to SW LHIN funding, CSS organizations contribute

of volunteer support, valued at

And an additional

in fundraised dollars to support the community

For a total of

supporting the healthcare system

This is equal annually to...

Safe. Supported. Home.

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